Hey girls! You miss me? Yes, I'm back to illustrate the ALL-STARS, and it's gonna be SICKENING. I would have loved to pose these new pieces sooner after the first episode aired, but I was a little busy finishing up work on a fabulous new iPhone game called DRAGOPOLIS. Sorry 'bout it! I also did an official All Stars comic for Logo, so this boy has been busy! Anyhoo! On to the main attraction: the ALL-STARS! Was anyone as thrilled as I was to see these girls gathered together? They were all sporting luscious-lady-looks, but I was dying to draw Manila in her smokin' outfit. (Seriously, best headpiece in Drag Race herstory!) For me, a lot of the fun was seeing what dynamics emerged between all these fan-favorites, guessing at the crazy, interweaving histories they all had. And having the girls pick teams certainly revealed some interesting tidbits: Who expected Tammie and Nina to pick each other in the first round? Alexis wanted Shannel as her top choice? Latrice wanted Nina? Sheer insanity! But still, compelling TV, amirite? Pandora's pairing with Mimi was rough, providing ample tension and drama for everyone. I felt bad for Pandora, who saw her hopes for the competition dashed, but I also felt a lot of sympathy for Mimi, who was earnestly trying to make the best of things. (For anyone who wants more Boxx in their life, check out DRAGOPOLIS, in which Pandora Boxx wields a giant sword to take out her fiendish drag opponents. Seriously. COMING SOON! Also starring in Dragopolis? YARA SOFIA!) The first episode's main "challenge" was a pair of photoshoots, but it ultimately felt like an afterthought--clearly, the focus was on the girls and their drama, as it should have been. But unfortunately, that deflated some of the stakes during the runway evaluations--it seemed pretty arbitrary which teams were in the top or bottom, but maybe that's just me. I'm sure, however, that we can all agree that the queens were SERVING IT on the runway, especially Team Ruji! Ugh! GAGGING! Honestly, I was hoping Pandora and Mimi would prove to be a scrappy underdog team who would prove everyone wrong about their chances. Sadly, Mimi was matched against Chad Michaels. And hunty, if you're lip synching for your life against Chad, you're gonna end up dead. Be sure to check out my Print Shop to see which of these and other Drag Race images I offer as 11" x 14" art prints!