Okay, folks, I've got some new All-Stars art to share, and I want to do this fast.  Honestly, this episode's mini-game tickled me endlessly--how fun was it to watch the teams play InDaButtRu? Besides Latrice and Manila, everyone seemed to know each other on a shockingly intimate level, leading to oodles of enjoyment. I LOVE how well Jujubee and Raven know each other. And that Raven doesn't wear underwear. Also, that Yara prefers panties. My life is better because of that. Was the subsequent sketch comedy challenge kind of painful and awkward? Eh, sure. I was delighted to see Yara shine in her role--both she and Tammie have really benefited from having the spotlight once again. And I was surprised at how great a Madonna Manila proved to be. In any case, the runway looks were lovely and light and campy and wonderful. I KNEW that my biggest problem this season would be picking just a few queens to draw each week, even though I seriously love them all.   Manila has proven to be even more polished and sickening than in Season 3, though she also seems more emotive and likeable. She may be the queen to beat this time around! I loved her sunny 60's look! Rock those blond wigs, girl! I thought Nina and Tammie looked really great this week, too, and I came veeeery close to drawing Nina's albino glamour realness. But instead, I had to capture the captivating likeness of Ms. Tammie Brown--love her or hate her, she's got something going on! Plus, I mean, check out those eyebrows.     (I've hidden two goofy little animations in this week's work--can you spot 'em all?) I do have to wonder about the tactics these queens have been taking with their lip sync performances. Last week, I was astonished that Pandora let Mimi perform for the both of them, as I was this week with Team Brown Flowers. Tammie did pretty well, really. But, I mean, she was up against Latrice. LATRICE ROYALE, hunty! Ain't no one who can throw down like Latrice. And the way she leapt across the stage! Girl, she rocked my world. And she also inspired what may be my favorite Drag Race portrait ever. (And just FYI: My prints of Manila, Latrice, and all the other fiercest queens are available to buy right here. Just sayin!)