Well! That was an episode. Did the queens deserve better than a challenge that left them pleading with passersby on the street? Yes, of course. But it was interesting to see which queens had that mysterious ability to charm strangers--a skill I certainly don't have.  My favorite was Chad--how fun was it to see her dancing on the street, trying to lure people in? I really dug the girls' runway looks this week. Chad looked like a punky old GI Joe villain, right? In the best kind of way.

 And I was SO glad to finally see Raven's full geisha outfit after getting glimpses of it from the show's teasers.


  I think both teams Rujubee and Shad have been really good at matching their outfits for effect. However, I think the only team that's really been working to mix things up and become better than the sum of its parts is Yarlexis. It was obvious with the show's first photo challenge ("Opposites Attract") that they were swapping styles and accessories--or in that case, switching identities. We saw that culminate with this week's runway looks, with Yara prodding Alexis into edgier territory--to glorious effect! And I think Alexis' matching outfit helps give some grounding and context to Yara's even more outrageous wardrobe. So, despite my utter astonishment that Latrice and Manila were kicked off the show, I wanted to give Yarlexis some love!

I fully expected Latrila to make it to the final episode, especially after Latrice's luminous lip sync last week. But they're both superstars, and they'll be fine. In fact, they've already come out with a collaborative music video this week: The Chop!  (Seriously, check it out--they sport some sickening looks!) And also check out my store, where you can find prints of my Drag Race work--now featuring both Raven and Jujubee!