CKlogo4.25x6 PostCardFront   THE CARDBOARD KINGDOM is a new collaborative comics project! I'm working with 10 amazing writers to create a collection of imaginative and socially progressive kids comics! It's all still in progress, but I hope to share more news soon!   2014-12-09VREELAND Grandpa-chapter-1-graphic     VREELAND is an autobiographical comic about the years I spent taking care of my grandparents after college. It's still a work-in-progress, but you can read the first two chapters here.   Sorceress_webpic             The Sorceress Next Door is a short comic I wrote with Jay Fuller about a boy who'd rather be an evil sorceress! Read it here, or buy a print copy! MANTA-MAN is my webcomic about a guy who turns into a manta ray. Really! And check out the spin-off/prequel MANTA-DAD! (FYI: it's not for kids.) Sachiko_cover_image My PART-TIME NINJA comics are about Sachiko. She's a ninja! ...but only part-time. Queens_webpic THE QUEENS is a short comic strip featuring some of my favorite Chicago drag queens as a superhero team. SHADOW PLAY is a wordless graphic novella. Read it here.    Many of these are available to read online, but you can also check them out at THE SELLOUT STORE!