I’ve worked on a number of different comic projects–some are ongoing, some are complete, and some remain unfinished.

MANTA-MAN is my webcomic about a guy who turns into a manta ray. Really! And check out the spin-off/prequel MANTA-DAD! (FYI: it’s not for kids.)


My PART-TIME NINJA comics follow Manta-Man’s ninja roommate. She’s a ninja! …but only part-time.

SHADOW PLAY is a wordless graphic novella about a boy, a shadow, and his swingset.


DOODLEVILLE is a fun, whimsical children’s comic about a girl whose drawings come to life. I worked on this quite a while ago, but never finished it. (Hey! I had my reasons!)

Many of these are available to read online, but you can also check them out at THE SELLOUT STORE!