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THE CARDBOARD KINGDOM is a new collaborative comics project! I’m seeking story pitches for short kids’ comics that explore imagination and identity. Submissions are open from now until June 15! Find out more and submit your ideas here!






VREELAND is an autobiographical comic about the years I spent taking care of my grandparents after college. It’s still a work-in-progress, but you can read the first two chapters here.









The Sorceress Next Door is a short comic I wrote with Jay Fuller about a boy who’d rather be an evil sorceress! Read it here, or buy a print copy!

MANTA-MAN is my webcomic about a guy who turns into a manta ray. Really! And check out the spin-off/prequel MANTA-DAD! (FYI: it’s not for kids.)


My PART-TIME NINJA comics follow Manta-Man’s ninja roommate. She’s a ninja! …but only part-time.


THE QUEENS is a short comic strip featuring some of my favorite Chicago drag queens as a superhero team.

SHADOW PLAY is a wordless graphic novella. Read it here. 


Many of these are available to read online, but you can also check them out at THE SELLOUT STORE!